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Let’s build a safe & sustainable future ..

System integration is defined as the process of bringing together individual building systems into one unified graphical interface and ensuring that these systems function together as one system. Simply put, system integration consolidates different systems into one larger system for ease of use. This consolidation creates a single control point for all system controls, including monitoring, alarming, graphics, and trends showing related data—simplifying the work for facilities managers. A connected building can go beyond a stand-alone equipment by integrating other systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, water, window shades, and elevators.


This system can also dim lights, raise building setpoints, or slightly slow down elevators and escalators. Typically, these actions are not noticeable to occupants, but there are obviously cost saving by increasingly efficiency and energy consumption thus to befits financial benefits to the owners and help the environment by reducing the carbon omission. Integration enables designers to look at the building as an integral whole and assess the performance as a group of integrated systems rather than as independent pieces.


At NETCO we are helping to transform individual buildings to vibrant, attractive and sustainable places for people to be. These connected buildings are interactive places where everyday life is easy and efficient and where people are in tune with each other and their buildings. Working with city stakeholders and partners, we strive to simplify the urban landscape, enhance safety and security, optimize the use of resources and support citizen participation

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