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Whether you’re looking for a CCTV system or complex fully integrated end to end building management system, including information and technology solutions and Fire & Life safety solutions, NETCO is here to address your requirement and help you to find most efficient and effective solutions. From initial requirement mapping to system designing and implementation and its operational maintenance NETCO have its expertise in terms of highly qualified members and technologies to deliver the highest standards.
NETCO, through its expertise and its wide network of international partners, offers wide range of services and products including consultancy, designing and integration of different products and technologies and support required to improve the performance and safety of the assets, and maximise the life with minimal maintenance. We have doing this since our inception in 2007.
Our progressive and systematic approach make us stand out from the rest. Our approach is always customer centric and our depth in the market we operate shows how committed we are to make our customer happiest. 
With the vision to be the leaders in smart building technology, delivering cutting-edge, world-class and  cost-effective solutions through long-term, strategic partnerships to make every building safe, efficient, connected and capable of smart technology enabled.
NETCO is currently focusing on leveraging its strengths in the modern technology areas to offer Solutions for Society capable of increasing the sophistication of infrastructure systems and services indispensable to society. Through these business activities, NETCO remains committed to collaborating closely with each and every one of its associates to create an "information society friendly to humans and the earth" based on value that helps ensure safety, security, efficiency and smart, enabling people to live more abundant lives.
Each one member at NETCO enjoy their work and proud of what we do. I personally give my commitment and assurance to deliver latest and high standard of technology to secure your assets and make them smart technology enabled. 
We look forward to your continued support and patronage.


Naushad Abdulla - Chief Executive Officer

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